[Solved by Experts] Discussion

[Solved by Experts] Discussion

This course began with a personal reflection on leadership in your introduction discussion. This was intended to set an awareness of your own leadership that would be reexamined in this final week of the course. Now, in this discussion you will reflect on your learning throughout the course and then revisit your post from the Week 1 Post Your Introduction discussion forum to assess how you may want to further enhance your leadership approach using the insights and strategies that you have learned in this course.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,

  • Reflect on what you have learned throughout this course.
  • Revisit your post from the Week 1 Post Your Introduction, and review your description of your current and ideal leadership style.


In your initial discussion forum post,

  • Share any changes you have had in your perspective on your current and ideal leadership style since the start of the course.
    • What would say is your current leadership approach?
    • Has your leadership approach changed? Has it stayed the same?
  • Discuss three to five specific things you have learned from taking this course.


Guided Response: Reply to at least two of your peers by 11:59 p.m. on Day 7 of the week. In your replies to colleagues,

  • Provide one to two additional insights or counterpoints, or share research to build on the discussion.

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