[Solved by Experts] E Applied

[Solved by Experts] E Applied

Respond to classmate 150 words. 

The question they had to answer. (Think about your present workplace or a workplace with which you are familiar. Describe specifically, and in detail, how one of the motivational theories discussed in Chapter 5 was used to motivate employees.  You can choose either one of the content approaches or one of the process In describing how the theory was used (i.e., applied), make sure you evaluate whether or not it was used effectively, and clarify why you take the position that you do.)


I am currently employeed with Enterprise Holdings as an Accounting Supervisor. I manage a team of  3 people which can sometimes be a challenge. Our text says “The content theories of motivation focus on the factors within the person that energize, direct, sustain, and stop behavior.” The content theory teaches us to gain an understanding of people in order to find out what motivates them. My job teaches the same thing. We have various employees who are pursuing different career paths and are from different backgrounds. Not all employees at my workplace are career-driven and motivated. The theory is used at my job by the managers and supervisors scheduling monthly meetings with employees to talk about their performance and what they are motivated to do or what goals they have set. I understand that since not everyone is driven by elevating in their career, they must be driven by something else. I believe that communication is a valuable skill to have especially in management. I have been able to start my supervisor role and build relationships with the people who report to me as well as the others that work in the building with me. Talking to the employees to see what they are working on and finding out what they would like to achieve while employed with the company is also another use of the theory. I know that as I move up in my career I will constantly be assessing people to see how I can better assist them.


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