[Solved by Experts] Effective “ Big Ideas

[Solved by Experts] Effective “ Big Ideas


You are to read this week’s assigned materials Chapter 7, Chapter 9, and Chapter 15 (ATTACHED) which you think could be helpful to you in your role as a teacher. Each chapter must be 2 full double spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman pages, explain why you chose this theme or concept, and elaborate on how you might utilize the theme or concept in your teaching. Identifying these “big ideas,” in addition to encouraging critical thinking and reading, will also help you engage in self-reflection prior to and during the formation of your Philosophy of Christian Education. To have effective “big ideas” you must read thorough through your chapter and be a good note taker.

                                                 Textbook Reference

 Maddix, M. A., & Estep, J. R. J. (2017). Practicing Christian Education: An introduction for ministry. Baker Academic. 


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