[Solved by Experts] Effective Leader Based

[Solved by Experts] Effective Leader Based

PART 1: Managing Communication

  • How does the company use technology to communicate? Is it working?  What could they do better?
    • Hint:  Consider how the company uses communication to reach customers/provide customer service.  If you are internal or know someone with the company, you may be able to provide more details on internal communications, or you may be able to gather a general impression of their communication style when researching the company.  

PART 2: Being an Effective Leader  

  • Based on your observations, what is the company’s leadership style?
    • Hint: You could reference the company’s website as well as news articles to help your analysis of leadership style
  • Does the leadership style seem to be successful?
    • Do you have any recommendations on how they could improve?
  • What issues are the company’s leaders facing?
    • If the firm is global, have they invested in cross-cultural awareness for leaders?

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