[Solved by Experts] Even Abolish Police Departments

[Solved by Experts] Even Abolish Police Departments

Calls to defund, downsize, or even abolish police departments are have been raised with advocates arguing that many police tasks would be better left to others. 

Please research about 2-3 paragraphs, consider, and voice your informed opinion regarding this and a few of  these questions:

-What are all the tasks that police do?

-Should they be doing all those things?

-What other types of agencies might be better at handling some of these tasks?

-What type of training do the police get?

-How have police budgets grown over the last 80 years?

-Do you think there should be cuts to the police force?

-Where and how could this money be better spent?

-What, if any, reforms need to implement to create a better police force?

Also, feel free to raise questions of your own that you can either answer or just offer for food for thought.


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