[Solved by Experts] Focus Group Video Interview

[Solved by Experts] Focus Group Video Interview

Students will review a focus group video interview done with Dr. Eckenrod where KIN 474 Capstone students will answer questions generated by students in KIN 204. KIN 204 will build these questions as a blog post in the semester and Dr. Eckenrod will use some of the questions in her focus group interview with KIN 474 students.

KIN 204 students will watch and take note on the focus group interview and will write a 2-3 page double-spaced paper discussing

(1) general information they gathered from the video,

(2) what they learned from the interview,

(3) how the interview information connects to readings done throughout the class period, and

(4) how they will use what they learned in to help them progress through the degree and improve their coaching practice.


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