[Solved by Experts] for develop literature review skills Please choose a topic and then select what you believe would be a useful database within which to start

[Solved by Experts] for develop literature review skills Please choose a topic and then select what you believe would be a useful database within which to start


needed 3 pages on content with references

focuses on expanding on your Week 1 Assignment, with the goal of helping you practice and develop literature review skills.

  1. Briefly explain the problem or question you are trying to address (from Assignment 1 and any feedback you received).
  2. Identify a set of keywords that might be useful in helping you to locate studies that will provide insight. At least one of these key terms will often produce valuable resources: “review”, “survey”, “meta-analysis”, and “systematic review.” Reviews typically provide a thorough summary of previous research and can be quite useful for grasping what has been done in the past.
  3. Please choose a topic and then select what you believe would be a useful database within which to start. Conduct a search using various combinations of the keywords you identified in #2. MIT provides a useful guide for searching various databases: http://libguides.mit.edu/c.php?g=175963&p=1160724 (Links to an external site.). You may find it helpful. At the end of this process, please document your results by noting how many possible citations turned up in your search and how many you initially identified that may be helpful.
  4. Select at least three articles that you believe will provide the most relevant insight into your problem or question and explain why you selected those articles. At least one of them MUST be a traditional research article containing both a Methods (or Methodology) section and a Results section. For each article, you should provide the complete reference  .please copy and paste any abstract or summary from the article or resource.
  5. Identify how you might go about developing a literature map, given what you have read this week and key results from your search.
  6. Based on what you have found so far in your literature search, develop two possible sets of null and alternative hypotheses that would relate to the problem or question you are trying to address, e.g., Set 1 will have a null and alternative hypothesis, Set 2 will have different null and alternative hypotheses.

This is first weeks assignment question: 

This week, the assignment focuses on three primary purposes: (1) to identify your experience in research methods and statistics, (2) to identify an idea (or begin to operationalize one that you have already proposed) that could serve as a topic for the MRP or other research initiative, and (3) to identify some key elements needed to flesh out the project based on the readings for the week. Please respond to the following items below in a Word document 

  1. Explain your level of exposure to the topic of research methods and statistics, emphasizing (a) where you obtained this exposure, (b) how long it has been since you took a course on these topics, and (c) your level of comfort with both research methods and statistics..
  2. Identify a question or problem that would benefit from the use of data. Note that you may use a question or problem that you have used in a previous class, but it will be beneficial if it is workplace related and something you believe could be realistically addressed (as it will provide a greater application to the MRP or other research initiative). ensuring that you provide enough context and information for me to provide you with feedback.
    1. Would your question or issue likely benefit most from a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method design? Explain your response.
    2. Will you approach the problem inductively or deductively? Explain.
    3. Based on your problem or issue, what are some potential independent and dependent variables, mediators, and moderators? If you determine that one or more of these would not relate to your issue or problem, please ensure you provide your reasoning for that.
    4. What would be the key characteristics of your sample and how might these key characteristics impact (both positively and negatively) the conclusions you can draw based on whatever results you would obtain?


1) A) Research methods and statistics gives us involved involvement with our specified field. we gain more profound comprehension of the logical cycle on exploration questions and structure and to test our theories. You realize what it resembles to work in a thesis and finding out with regards to the preparation of tests, composing awards and how to report discoveries. This research methods and statistics is a collection of data, organizing the data, analyzing the data which requires a review test and decision of an appropriate measurable test.

B) This is my first time taking a course on these topics.

C) I am comfortable in learning both research methods and statistics as I am still in initial stages of learning.

2) a) I can explain it with an example of tender, once the government proposes a project, all the interested companies will come and participate in the tender with their budget cost and design, but here everything is based on estimation and the data collected by observing and analyzing based on the place, current value of the equipment and material including the manpower, this comes under mixed-method design. Here data is collected generally based on the assumptions like surveys, existing data, case studies, graphs, previous tender experience, and content analysis based on today’s market and overview on the future price increases on overall project.

b) My approach is inductively as everything is interlinked and analyzing it from time to time is mandatory here as data becomes old in fraction of time, so keeping up to date on this process and updating and closely observing everything is important here.

c) Here the main problem is not disclosing the information to others and keeping everything confidential as this might affect your current analysis because based on your tender cost, someone might lower their cost and we might lose the project. Architecture design, material design, structural design is the main thing to be taken into consideration for cost estimations.

d) The key characteristics for the above examples is analyzing the data which is collected and making estimations as low as possible with a profit including the future predictions, as each year the material cost, equipment cost and manpower cost varies based on seasons and work, so everything needed to be taken into consideration before applying for tender and the results will be positive if we match with the analysis done by government with near estimations.


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