[SOLVED BY EXPERTS]: health care administration

[SOLVED BY EXPERTS]: health care administration

Please answer and discuss the following questions. Provide an informed answer and discussion based on the article.

  1. According to the authors, why are some employees more engaged – excited, energized about their jobs — than others?
  2. What has traditional research focused on, in relation to, “why some people are more engaged in the workforce?” Do you agree with the findings of the traditional research?
  3. According to the authors, although no universal formula to engage employees exists, individuals feel more enthusiastic about their jobs when _________ ? Do you agree with the authors?
  4. In your informed opinion, how much of engagement is just personality?
  5. What do the authors suggest, if you truly want to understand engagement in your organization?

Read the Harvard Business Review article titled Is Employee Engagement Just a Reflection of Personality? (Chamorro-Premuzic, Garrad, & Elzinga, 2018)

Instructions: Please post your INITIAL POST (answer to questions), which should include a minimum of 120 words per question. The sentences/paragraphs are expected to be informed, well-written, and cited, using APA 7 citation. Please include a statistic or statistics.  Please cite your scholarly source(s) within the paragraph(s). Provide in-text citations and References.


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