[Solved by Experts] Html Ehr Implementation Roadmap

[Solved by Experts] Html Ehr Implementation Roadmap


Step 3: EHR implementation plan 

Now that you have developed the project charter, established project objectives and goals,  identified project stakeholders, project team, and project manager in the previous step, your next assignment is to develop a plan for EHR implementation that should include tasks to be performed, tools to be used for monitoring the project tasks (Microsoft Excel), and milestones for determining the project progress.  

This step of the project should comprise 3-5 APA formatted pages excluding the Cover and Reference pages.

Before proceeding to this step, your supervisor also referred you to the following resources:

How To Implement an EHR System in 6 Essential Steps https://blog.commlabindia.com/training-solutions/implement-ehr-system

EHR Implementation Plan: Your 8-Step Checklist https://www.ehrinpractice.com/ehr-implementation-plan.html

EHR Implementation Roadmap  http://www.ehcca.com/presentations/hitsummit2/3_03_2_h1.pdf 

Oachs, P. K and Watters, A. L. (2020). Chapter 26: Project Management.  Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles and Practice. 6th Ed. AHIMA press.


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