[Solved by Experts] Https Youtu

[Solved by Experts] Https Youtu

Watch the lecture on how to create a TIN and contours from spot elevations:  https://youtu.be/K-wwJ1QYv-U (29m 06s) 

The attached .pdf is a map with spot elevations collected by the field crew.  These spot elevations have a horizontal location of (N,E) shown on the map by an “x”.  The elevation of each “x” is listed as well.

In the above lecture I have started the homework assignment for you.  I show how to draw the breaklines that were also given to me by the field crew.  I then finished drawing the TIN, which results in a network of irregular triangles.  Next I put in tic marks on each triangle line (as described in the video).

What you must do is draw the contour lines (as I did in the video for one triangle).  Use a straightedge when drawing the contours.  Use two triangles (if you have them) to help you make the contours as parallel as possible.  I suggest putting down a cryptic elevation at  each tic mark to help you to draw the contours correctly (as described in the above lecture) 


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