[SOLVED BY EXPERTS]: Human Resources Management

[SOLVED BY EXPERTS]: Human Resources Management

Training evaluation in class is THE KIRK PATRICK MODEL

  1. What is the training evaluation method discussed in class? Explain the model and give an example of how you would measure each level. (approx 600 words)

  1. Please explain the difference between mentoring and coaching and give a practical example to illustrate. (approx 350 words)
  2. What is the purpose of an employee stock ownership plan? Is it a financial or non-financial compensation concept? (approx 350 words)

For the following questions, please refer to the “Total Rewards” pdf attached.

4. The authors mentioned six (6) essential elements of a total rewards program. Choose one of them, explain it in your own words and illustrate with an example from a company. (350 words)

5. According to the results of the study, one of the six (6) elements does not influence organizational commitment. Which one is it? Please comment on the results and discuss if this element would be important for you when joining a new organization. (350 words)

2000 WORDS


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