[Solved by Experts] Improved Within 5 Days

[Solved by Experts] Improved Within 5 Days

I will like to  change my initial project to post operative pain management.. 


Let  P represent the population to be surgically operated

I represent the operations

C represents pain control managements

O  represent the results from the pain management using pharmacological and non pharmacological treatments

T represent the time taken to achieve the  results.

I will ask questions relating to post operative pain management for the  purpose  of this project. This question is outstanding  and important for this discussion because, post operative pain management remains on of the main concern of patient in the field of health care delivery.  Managing patient pain during and after surgery contributes immensely to the recovery rates of patients

Using the PICOT; Can patient pain management be  improved within 5 days post surgery using medication and non pharmacological practices  in adults patients.  where P is the population that of the who were operated, or the surgical patients, I represent the intervention which is the surgical procedure, C represents the control in this case which is pain,, the O is the outcome of the pain managements practice applied and the T is time taken to achieve the objective. collecting data in a timely manner will be important  in obtaining accurate result  which will be 5 days . According to Melynk (2018, p34).  It is also key key to be able to ask appropriate questions to be able to arrived at objective conclusions. Some of the skills required in this situations will be asking focused group questions, and following systematic research methods. 

ProQuest and CINAHL plus database were search engine i used for this project.

Reference:  Melnyk, B.M., & Fineout- Overholt, E. (Eds.). (2011). Evidence-based practice in nursing & health care: A guide to best practice. Lippincott   Williams & Wilkins.

Glasziou, P.P., Del Mar, C., & Salisbury, J. (2009). Evidence-based practice workbook John Wiley &Sons


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