[Solved by Experts] Including Year Construction Began

[Solved by Experts] Including Year Construction Began

Notre-Dame Cathedral ~ Paris

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the world’s famous cathedrals.  Architectural design is a part of visual art. The cathedral was built for functionality but became a noteworthy piece of architecture, its design is AMAZING!

For this assignment, you look closely at a work of art that has had a prominent standing in art history for centuries.  You should include detail and explanation that gives a clear understanding of the criteria. It must be typed, Times New Roman, 12 font, and works cited page.

1.    Describe the overall architectural design; including year construction began and when it was completed. Materials used; the reason why these materials were chosen.  Why did the architects decide on this style; inside and outside.

2.    The history of the cathedral; what was the intent/purpose of the cathedral (why was it constructed, who commissioned it?)

3.    History of the societal climate; what was going on in society during that time?

4.    Describe the people in the society.

5.    What are the implications of the damage that was done and what are the recent developments?

6.    Who utilizes the cathedral?

7.    Is the past intent of the cathedral still the same?

8.    Constructively look at your work and compare it to the chapters that we’ve discussed.  Does any aspect of what we’ve studied align/is present? Explain

9.    What is the name of the art period? (Renaissance, etc)

10. Speak also about the fire plan that was in place and what artifacts were to be saved first.

Each one of the expectations must be included in detail and with explanation where necessary.

Check grammar and use paragraphs to organize the writing. 


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