[Solved by Experts] Increase Overall Profits Airlines

[Solved by Experts] Increase Overall Profits Airlines

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Please review this list of linear programming applications:
Examples of uses in business include:
    – Diet design
    –  Capital budgeting
    – Gaming strategy
    – Resource conservation
    – Resource/materials allocation
    – Transportation problems
    – Economic predictions and growth problems
    – Corporate restructuring
    – Product mix planning
    –  Financial portfolios

Restaurants use linear programming in all of these areas:
    – Menu planning
    – Meal production
    – To increase overall profits

Airlines use linear programming in all of these areas:
    – Optimize profits and minimize expenses
    – Different fares on seats on a plane (seat, time of purchase, etc.)
    – Use to find how many tickets would sell at what price
    – Routes, pilot scheduling, layovers, etc.
    – Which pilots in the air at what time and when
    – Maximize amount of time in the air
    – Pilot specializations (fly certain types of planes, routes)
    – Pilot salary

Some other examples of linear programming practices include the following:
    – Farmers use linear programming to increase revenue of optimize their operations
    – Amusement Parks- help make decisions about queue lines
    – Overall increase in economic efficiency in business operations
Choose a topic from this list and find a resource on the internet that explains this application further. Share the link and key points from the article in your discussion submission.
Source for list:  


Please respond to the discussion question with one original post and at least two substantial replies to other students. A substantial reply is considered a post which moves our discussion forward and deepens our understanding of the material. You may wish to post a probing question (i.e. How would your model apply in ____ context? What would happen if we changed ______?) or by adding new information (i.e. This is similar to _____ because ______). Posts which simply state “Way to go Bob!” or “I thought the same thing.” do not deepen our understanding and will not earn full credit.

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In this module, you have explored a number of linear programming examples.  The discussion item included an impressive list of how linear algebra is used by managers.

  1. What most surprised you in this chapter?
  2. How confident are you with applying linear programming to a situation at your workplace?
  3. What aspect of applying linear programming techniques would you find the most challenging?
  4. How would you assess your mastery of Excel as a tool for linear programming?

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