[Solved by Experts] Least 3 References Submit

[Solved by Experts] Least 3 References Submit


Instructions: The Red Flags Rule, a law enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), requires certain businesses and organizations — including many doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, to develop a written program to spot the warning signs, or “red flags” of identity theft; a legal and ethical violation.

  • Utilize online resources and the Purdue Global Library to research the Red Flags Rule
  • Create an Identity Theft Prevention Program for a healthcare setting of your choice, based on the requirements of the Red Flags Rule. Be sure to include the following key components in your prevention program:
    • Procedures put in place to detect red flags in your day-to-day operations
    • Descriptions of how you plan to prevent and mitigate identity theft
    • Procedures for how you will respond when you spot the red flags of identity theft, provide examples
    • Descriptions of the training you will provide to the staff


  • Paper should be in APA format, and should be between 2-3 pages
  • Use at least 3 references
  • Submit completed Assignment by the end of Unit 4

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