[Solved by Experts] Least Two Smaller Ideas

[Solved by Experts] Least Two Smaller Ideas

 1.  Pick an informational text to evaluate. You can look online or in a library. In the space below, write information about the text that will help your teacher find it later                                                                                                                         2.  Objectively summarize the informational text you chose for question 1. Describe both the content and the structure without giving your opinion and without going into too much detail                                                                                                 3. Use this space to summarize the perspective, purpose, and central idea of the informational text you chose for question 1. For each, explain the evidence that helped you make your inferences. Perspective: Purpose: Central idea:                                                                       

4. Now evaluate how well the author achieves the purpose of the informational text and communicates the central idea — through prose, graphics, text features, or other elements. What might the author have done differently to make the text more effective?

 5. Identify and describe at least two smaller ideas in the informational text you chose       

6. Evaluate how well the author uses prose, text features, graphics, or other elements to develop the smaller ideas you identified in question 5. Compare and contrast the ways the author develops these ideas. Decide which idea is better communicated and why               


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