[Solved by Experts] Maintain Team Cohesion Within

[Solved by Experts] Maintain Team Cohesion Within

Learning Activity #1

Think back to a recent small group meeting (not your current team within this course) that you attended. Describe the following key information about the meeting:

What was the position of who called the meeting?

What was the meeting about?

Was there an agenda?

Was the purpose of the meeting accomplished?

After the meeting, were minutes distributed that outlined tasks and deadlines?

During the meeting, what role did you play (leader, note-taker, task, facilitator, etc.)

What could have been done to make the meeting more effective?

Compare classmates’ notes on the meetings you attended to identify similarities and differences as well as outcomes.

Please ensure you are following the rubric for posting to the learning activities. This includes ensuring you support your post with course material/resources in an effort to tie in the activities to your weekly reading. 

Learning Activity #2

Team cohesion is an important concept for organizations that utilize small groups to accomplish tasks. How would you develop or maintain team cohesion within your team in order to accomplish task at hand? Please ensure you support your answer.






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