[Solved by Experts] Maricopa County Trial Courts

[Solved by Experts] Maricopa County Trial Courts

Module Discussion

Welty (2009) and Ncube (2008) address the importance of instituting an employee orientation program that provides employees with organizational expectations for performance and compliance upon entering the workplace. The employee orientation can set the tone for corporate culture while allowing for socialization as the employee enters his or her new work environment.

Do you agree with Welty’s comprehensive approach to employee orientation?

Describe the pros and cons of an intense employee orientation program. 

Ncube, E. (2008). Maricopa County Trial Courts new employee orientation: Assimilating new employees and promoting court mission and values. Justice System Journal, 29(1), 105-VI. (ProQuest Document ID: 1455639431). 


Word count for initial discussion response – 150 words maximum; per response.


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