[Solved by Experts] Meet Information Requirements Create

[Solved by Experts] Meet Information Requirements Create

Project Presentation Outline

Using any organization of your choice as a case study, give an overview of the system development as follows:

Systems Analysis

Establishing information requirements

 Identify problem(s)

 Specify solutions

 Establish Information requirements.

Systems Design

Describes how the system will meet information requirements

  Create design specifications

System Implementation – (Completing the systems development process)

A)     Programming – Translating design specifications into program code.

B)     Testing

  Unit Testing

 System Testing

Acceptance Testing

C)     Conversion

 Plan Conversion

 Prepare documentation

  Train Users and Technical Staff.

D)     Production and Maintenance

ü  Operate the system

ü  Evaluate the system

ü  Modify the system

You will need to submit the following before the presentation day.

 Word document or pdf file of the presentation.

 PowerPoint slides.


  The first slide should contain The Organization’s name and names of the group members.

  Slides should be between 5 – 10 slides.

  Videos are allowed.



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