[Solved by Experts] Messages Id ==

[Solved by Experts] Messages Id ==

Create a Brainstorm Bubble (a sheet with thought bubbles connecting to one another)

with your approved topic (your “claim”) in the middle and linking to your evidence found during your library and Google searches.  Upload the Bubble here as an image or PDF using your phone or scanner.  

During your search of the library databases, you should have found about 5-10 pieces of usable evidence to back up, or give credit to your “claim”.  Put your claim in the center circle.  In the next smallest circles, put your evidence.  Then, in the smallest circles around the evidence, interpret and explain how it proves your claim.  Does that piece of evidence relate to another piece of evidence?  Does any piece of evidence contradict another piece of evidence?  What holes do you see in your claim?  What evidence would fill in that hole?  What questions do you still have about your claim?

Need an example? 




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