[Solved by Experts] Must Instead Employ Either

[Solved by Experts] Must Instead Employ Either


Part 1: Quoting

Required source: A professional journal article from the list  presented in the Library section of the classroom as explained above. Do  not look for quotes already presented in the article; your mission is  to find direct statements in the article and quote them yourself.

Quotation 1: Parenthetical citation

  • Choose a meaningful statement of 25–39 words from the article and  quote it without introduction, using in-text citation after the  end-quotation mark and before the final sentence punctuation.

Quotation 2: Narrative citation

  • Choose a different meaningful statement of 25–39 words from the same  article and quote it properly, starting your sentence with “According  to” or a similar introduction, and inserting proper citation as  explained in the reading.

Required adjustment:

  • Edit just one of your two quotes by correctly using brackets, an ellipsis, or [sic]. These techniques are explained in the reading.
  • If the original does not have an error, you cannot use [sic]  and must instead employ either brackets for a clarification or an  ellipsis to delete words. Note that British English spellings are not  considered errors.

Reference entry:

  • Provide a full 7th edition APA-standard reference entry for this journal article.

Part 2: Paraphrasing From Two Other Articles

Choose two other journal articles from the same Library list. It is  recommended that you pick articles that are relatively easy for you to  understand, especially if you are new to the technology field. Find a  section of each article that interests you and write paraphrases.

For each of your two paraphrases, separately:

  • Compose a descriptive title (a phrase) in your own words. Use title case.
  • Write a paraphrase of 170–220 words. If it is difficult to meet the  minimum length or to avoid writing more than the maximum, then a more  suitable section (or section size) from the original article must be  chosen.
  • Do not include any quotes.
  • Write the paraphrases in paragraph form (no lists).
  • Include proper citation as explained in the reading.
  • Provide a full 7th edition APA-standard reference entry.

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