[Solved by Experts] Must Properly Cite Within

[Solved by Experts] Must Properly Cite Within


You must properly cite within text and in a References section all sources (I know, I keep saying this).

Select 5 out of the 6 Modules to address in this assignment.

For the assignment:

1. List the Module title and then a specific topic from that Module.

2. Find a photo or graphic that you believe represents this specific stage. Insert this in the document. You must insert the actual graphic and not a link. Cite the source.

3. Write one paragraph (5-8 sentences only) that explains the facts you are representing in the photo. This explanation must cite the Module. Your responses should be this specific. Show what you know! Use only the Module for the information. No outside sources should be used.

module 1 – Introducing Lifespan Development, module-2 Theories in Lifespan Development, module-3 Prenatal Development

module-4 Infancy, module – 5 Early Childhood, module-6 Middle Childhood


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