[Solved by Experts] Please Follow Explicitly

[Solved by Experts] Please Follow Explicitly

Directions: please follow explicitly 

*** primarily  this assignment is filling in the tables- attached all articles to use ****

  • Use the attached “Literature Evaluation Table to complete this assignment (not a word document)
  • Refer to the “Levels of Evidence in Research” resource, (attached)
  • While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected,
  • Using the “Levels of Evidence in Research” document (attached) to  rank the articles

only need to fill in Table 2- (part 2) last seven articles 

  1. Table 2: (part 2)  fill in  seven  research articles  ( I have attached 7 articles to use) each row is labeled with the author of the article  – each article attached is labeled by the author – place info in the respective table

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