[Solved by Experts] Please Make Sure

[Solved by Experts] Please Make Sure


I will attach the chapter 9 from my textbook “Contemporary Social & Sociological Theory” Knneth Allan

after you read the chapter you have to answer the 4th question at the end of this chapter.

the question is: After reading and understanding this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions(Remembering to to answer them theoretically)

* Explain Foucault’s connection between power and knowledge. How does he conceptualize power? How does knowledge function as power? What are the unique characteristics of modern power?

* What does Foucault mean by “the order of things”? Explain how his “counter-histories” are used to expose this order.

* Define discourse and explain how it provides a subjective position for the speaker.

please make sure that you are able to give a Great work with this task.  


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