[Solved by Experts] Please Use Proper Grammar

[Solved by Experts] Please Use Proper Grammar

Please use proper grammar to the best of your ability for texts and follow the conventions established in quests already, such as writiing the logs from the perspective of the Pixie.

Each quest has the following:
– Title (ex. Human Research)
– Description (ex. Covertly gather data on the universe’s strangest creature.)
– Time length (4 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours)
– Boost type (direct token payout or chance to earn bonus points)
– Boost amount (ex 5x or 2x)
On every quest, there is a base chance to receive both bonus points and a direct payout. The base chances are:
payout: 0.06%
Bonus points: 30%
For example a Boost Type of Token Payout with a 10x boost amount will result in a 0.6% chance of a payout.
– Point reward

And then each quest has 3 events with:
– Event Text
– Health, magicka, stamina change. Set to 0 for no change.

example format in pictures below

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