[Solved by Experts] Poorly Funded Schools ”

[Solved by Experts] Poorly Funded Schools ”

Be detailed in your response and cite your source. The response word count must be 200-300 words for full credit.

1-What is the digital divide? What are the implications of the digital divide for public school students (college students can be included)? Give specific examples. How can that divide be eliminated?

2-Also, give a comment on the post below must be 200-300 words

This is something separated from the 200-300 words response of the first question.

The digital divide is defined as a gap that exists between people of different social classes, races, and geographic areas in terms of their access to technical resources (Conerly et al. 8.1). Likewise, the digital gap can lead to a knowledge gap. This knowledge gap can hinder students beyond school and well into the workplace. This knowledge gap can be comprehended as  “students in well-funded schools receive more exposure to technology than students in poorly funded schools”(Conerly, Holmes, & Tamang, 2022). There are many negative implications associated with the digital gap. For example, many schools shifted to an online learning format, and many students struggled academically. These same students also lack access to the internet or suitable devices(McElroy). In numerous cases, school districts have provided kids with devices. However, even if schools supply the platform and technology, students will be unable to connect and participate unless they have dependable high-speed internet access at home. Without the capacity to access the internet, these students will certainly not be able to attain the same academic success as their peers (McElroy). The digital divide can be reduced by having the government provide students with access to high-speed internet. I know that many school districts would not be able to afford to provide high-speed internet. This means that the money would come from taxpayers. I think this would help many students thrive in and out of school because having access to the internet provides many opportunities. 


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