[Solved by Experts] Project 2

[Solved by Experts] Project 2

Hello Everyone, 

I complete a project 1 team assignment in word document and PPT. I’m attached it, the word document of project 1 name is “ISEM 530 Project 1 Group 3” and PPT is “ISEM 530 Project 1 Presentation”. 

I’m attaching Project 2 document in word doc with named as ” Project 2 – Late Fall 2021″. 

In that word document you need to do questions 2,3,4,5,6 & 8. 

Note: All the questions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 needs to be done in one word document

2.   Summarize the contents of Project Part 1 for clarity. Under this you need to give small briefing in 2-3 sentences. The contents are below and there are total 8 contents. 


Step 1: Food – Grocery Store

Step 2: Organic House 

Step 3 Business Overview  

Step 4: Organizational Chart

Step 5: What system is broken:

Step 6 System Vision Document

Step 7 Use Cases

Step 8 Company Requirements


3. Each team member should provide a Storyboard for one of the dialogs you identified. (See Chapter 8 of your textbook, Figure 8-18) 

4. Each team member should provide a class abstract with subclass for at least one of the objects (See 

Chapter 12 of the textbook, Figure 12-11). 

5.   Add Sequence Diagrams for your use cases with data access layer (See 

Chapter 13 of your textbook, Figure 13-23). Note: Please do two sequence diagrams 

6.   Add a Communications Diagram for your use cases (See Chapter 13 of your textbook, Figure 13-9). Note: Please do two communication diagrams 

8. Research any Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) that will satisfy your requirements. List at least one 

COTS you found and describe at least one in more detail. 

Note: Please prepare the charts and diagram by using Lucid Charts. Hope you understand.

Please prepare PPT also. In PPT you need to do these slides below:


 Slide 3 should be a summary of your fictional company (from project part 1). 


 The Last slide should represent your references. 


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