[Solved by Experts] Relational Database Management System

[Solved by Experts] Relational Database Management System

How does a relational database management system help businesses make better decisions? Respond to this question by answering the following:

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a relational database management system?
  2. Find a case study in one industry, e.g. e-commerce, finance or healthcare. Research on how they design the database, how they manage the data storage process and how the end-user is using the database in the daily business process.
  3. How is the data used to make better decisions?


  • Must have an introduction and a conclusion
  • At least 4 pages, not including cover page and reference page/s
  • Papers need to be formatted in proper APA 7th Edition style.
  • Use a minimum of at least three outside peer-reviewed sources for your references.

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