[Solved by Experts] Run Chartquestion 5 –

[Solved by Experts] Run Chartquestion 5 –

Question 1 – 250 word

Critically analyze the relationship between capacity management and Lean Synchronization. 

Your answer should include a table of the benefits that come with the adoption of Lean Synchronization. 

Question 2 – 500/700 word 2 references

What are the three forecasting horizons? For each forecasting horizon, name one operations management decision that needs the forecast.

Question 3 – 300 word

Evaluate and critically analyze the effect ERP systems have had upon an organization you know well, its operations, and relationships, using examples to illustrate your points. 

Question 4 – 600/800 word

·       Explain the term conformance to design specification during production. 

·       Also briefly explain each of the following tools :Brainstorming – Benchmarking – Run Chart

Question 5 – 350 word

What is meant by the term capacity chunks? Give examples. What are the leading and lagging strategies for timing capacity increases? Should essential services such as utilities use the leading or lagging strategy? Explain.

Question 6 –

1. Contrast design capacity and effective capacity

2. Explain briefly how a JIT/ lean system differs from an MRP based system

Question 7 

What is the “bull whip” effect in supply chain?

How can it be controlled or eliminated?

Supply Chain Sustainability has become a big topic. Perhaps some of you can explain why this topic has drawn so much attention recently and what makes up Supply Chain sustainability.

Question 8 

Explain the blockchain technology in the supply chain and its application.


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