[Solved by Experts] Self Monitoring • Evaluation

[Solved by Experts] Self Monitoring • Evaluation

Term Paper (20%): Students should write a 6- to 8-page term paper (Font: Times New Roman, size 12-pt.; double-space)

independently and individually as part of the course assignments (the title page and reference section are also included in the page-

count). The objectives of this assignment are to help students become more familiar with the literature in psychology, and the

experience of writing an APA-style paper on a key concept in psychology. A literature review term paper is a critical summary of

what the scientific literature says about a specific topic.

• Topic: Self monitoring 

• Evaluation: This assignment is worth 20 points. Students should focus both on the content of paper (“what they write”) and its

format (“how they write”). Each paper will be evaluated on the basis of both APA-Style format (10 points) and content

(demonstration of a thorough literature search and use of relevant credible research: substantive content: clarity of writing and

organization of ideas, such as headings and subheadings; effective analysis and demonstration of critical thinking: 10 points).

• Sources (references): Each paper should be written based on at least five academic sources (e.g.. academic textbooks or peer-

reviewed journal articles). Students should do their best to use most recent sources in the field.

• Format: In writing your term paper. you are expetted to follow the APA-style guidelines (7th Edition). The term paper should

include the following sections: Title page. body, conclusion, and references. In the body of the paper, students outline the

background literature of the topic and the key concepts related to the topic of interest. The term paper should not include any

Figure, Table, or Shape. Students should avoid being creative’ and ‘innovative when it comes to the format of their paper. For

more details about the specification of APA style students should visit the AC Library and APA ..


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