[Solved by Experts] Therapist Demonstrated Two Techniques

[Solved by Experts] Therapist Demonstrated Two Techniques


Based on your reading about Michelle (Case Study #1):

1) Briefly describe how the therapist demonstrated two techniques common to psychodynamic therapy that you saw the therapist use in Case Study #1.

2) If Michelle were your client, what would you identify as the issue to address first? Why?

3) Look over the transcript of the session provided in Case #1. Select one of the therapist’s responses to the client which you would have handled differently. What would you have said to the client instead? Why?

https://read.amazon.com/?asin=B08CRLSLSN&language=… this is the link to the Ebook. it is the first case study. there are a few pages to read before getting to the case study

please let me know if you have any questions.


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