[Solved by Experts] Vanderbilt University Hospital

[Solved by Experts] Vanderbilt University Hospital


The article below lays out the timeline of what occurred in the incident at Vanderbilt University Hospital, which lead to the trial of Nurse RaDona Vaught:

RaDonda Vaught’s trial has ended. This timeline of the case explains (tennessean.com)Links to an external site.

Just Culture (https://journals.lww.com/nursingmanagement/fulltext/2019/06000/just_culture__it_s_more_than_policy.9.aspxLinks to an external site.) and stop at the line, are a couple of critical operational elements in our system.

Being that this is a very tough subject and there are many opinions, please focus on what we have learned and what can organizations do better to help avoid errors, knowing that we are humans caring for humans.  


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