[Solved by Experts] Whitney U Test Human

[Solved by Experts] Whitney U Test Human

[1:54 pm, 28/02/2022] [email protected] USA : Explore research papers in the literature using GoogleScholar (Links to an external site.)/MSU Library databases  (Links to an external site.)which incorporate parametric and non-parametric tests (see the list of tests on the course file). (For instance, “Mann-Whitney U test Human Resources”; “Comparison Test Operation management”; “Kruskal Wallis Test Healthcare” etc. )

You can explore a single published paper in finance, operation management, HR, accounting, marketing, healthcare, medicine, etc. c. 

Summarize the title and the research hypothesis/questions of the paper. 

Investigate if they apply the most appropriate tests. Have the authors investigated the assumptions of the employed tests?

What other tests can you recommend? Why? 

Find out if the hypotheses are supported or not.

Summarize the research methodology section of the paper where the parametric or non-parametric tests are performed. 

Min 500 words.


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