[Solved by Experts] Written Summarythe Summary Must

[Solved by Experts] Written Summarythe Summary Must


You are going to write a summary of and verbally discuss an article of your choosing. See the guidelines below for selecting an appropriate article.

Your selected article must be approved by me no later than __March 4___ Send to me via the submission portal in Blackboard for approval. You will be penalized for late submissions. A pdf or link to the article must be submitted with your summary.

Guidelines and grading: 1) Written Summary

  • The summary must be typed using a 12 pt. font
  • The summary should be between two to four pages.
  • Do not plagiarize the article but discuss the article’s subject matter in your own words.

The summary should include at least the following information:

  • Identification of the main subjects mentioned in the article and an explanation of what events/phenomena are being discussed in the article
  • An explanation of the key terms is important for understanding the article. A discussion of these terms should be incorporated into your review of the article. Do not simply list and define the terms separately.
  • A brief discussion of how the article relates to your experience with BIOL 101.
  • What questions do you have for a follow-up study – what more do researchers need to know about the topic?

you don’t need to research I already found the article

This is the article :



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