Sources of Information and Data Collection Methods (10%)

Here is the remaining questions can you answer.2B. Sources of Information and Data Collection Methods (10%)What process would you use to obtain information needed for the job analysis?In your response, identify sources you would use to collect information about the jobs. Explain the importance of each source. Also include your choice of method(s) of data collection. Justify your choice(s).2D. Trends in Job Analysis (5%)3.HR Planning – Aging Workforce (20%)Barden’s work force is aging. This factor must be taken into account in the human resource planning process.3A. Human Resource Planning (10%)In what ways can Barden focus on this issue as it continuously implements its human resource planning process?The human resource planning process consists of three basic elements, or components. Carefully review “The Elements of Human Resource Planning” before responding to question 3A. Also review “The HR Triad – Roles and Responsibilities for HR Planning, Alignment, and Change.”3B. Talent Management and Leadership Development Plans (10%)How would you use a combination of talent management and leadership development plans to respond to the challenge of an aging workforce?4.Recruiting (20%)Chapter 6 offers ideas for ensuring a successful recruiting process.4A. Sources – External Labor MarketOn which external labor market sources should Barden focus its recruitment effort? Include your ideas for specific actions the company could take.4B. Applicant’s PerspectiveHow would you apply the concepts in the recruiting from “The Applicant’s Perspective” section of Chapter 6 to the recruiting effort at Barden Bearings?END OF CASE QUESTIONS


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