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You did a fantastic job on this Denise. Here are the next steps to prepare the spreadsheet:
1. Simplify the headings for each column so you have one or two words for each questionieage, gender. Do this for all the column headings. This will help when you run the analysis and generate graphs.
2. Delete Col A
3. Col E there are 3 cells with no number. This is your “x” variable. So either put in 0 for these, or delete the whole row.27, 28, 32 . I think I’d delete them so it is a more “true” survey rather than guessing. So delete those 3 rows.
4. I recommend now copying and pasting in the data intoStatcrunch(or importing ), and then do you analysis there.
Other than that this looks great! I can't wait to see the analysis


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