The following just needs a reply to atleast 100 words Instructor part 1 Not exactly thousands of yea

The following just needs a reply to atleast 100 words


Instructor part 1


Not exactly thousands of years after the death of Jesus, but the Great Schism of 1054 separated the Christian Church into East and West.  The Western Church are the Roman Catholics of today.  Catholic is Greek for “universal”.  The Eastern Byzantine Church was initially centered in Constantinople before the invasion of the Turks.   What about the priests in both religions–can priests marry in both faiths?  Is Christmas celebrated by both faiths on the same day? 



Jeff part 2

The social and ideological divide between churches that eventually led to the Great schism in 1054, had its origins much earlier. This is marked with the division of the Roman Empire into east and west.   Constantinople as capital of the eastern empire and became the Byzantine Empire, with Rome the capital of the Western Roman Empire.  Over hundreds of years since it was divided, these two Empires developed independent and separate cultures to further this separation of cultures and thinking.  Since many of the citizens and peoples of Byzantine were of Greek origin, the Byzantine Emperor, Heraclius, (610-641) also completed the Hellenization of the Empire by making Greek, replacing latin, as the official language of the Empire.  There were many dividing issues concerning the practice of religion between the two states.  The Eastern Church did not agree with the changes in doctrine and rituals that the Roman catholic church instituted in their church.  The Eastern church was more traditional or Orthodox, and did not wish to change the original Christian catholic worship and rituals. They consider themselves the true church.  The head of the Eastern Orthodox church known as the Patriarch of Constantinople is the equivalent to the position of the Pope in Rome, but he has no power to interfere with the 12 other Orthodox communions.  The Orthodox Church claims to be the one true church of Christ, and seeks to trace its origin back to the original apostles through an unbroken chain of apostolic succession. The growing differences between these two churches finally led to a major split, each with their own heads and hierarchy.  Recently, Pope Francis, of the Catholic church, and the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox church met for the first time, to discuss and improve relations in an attempt for reconciliation of their Posted: 4 years agoDue: 05/03/2016Budget: $15


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