The Global Environment are important

The Global Environment are important because you cannot focus on shortand long term planning without taking into consideration the world aroundus and its impact on our organizations (be they for-profit or not-for-profit).The external environment forces us to consider the critical role of industryanalysis and competitive forces. And… No matter how small and local youthink your organization might be, the world is now a global market placewith forces impacting us in new and powerful ways.Internal Analysis information on internal analysis provides you with a toolkit of techniques and strategies to analyze your organization from severalperspectives. Some of these tools include SWOT Analysis, Value ChainAnalysis, Three Circles Analysis, Resource-based view (core competencies,assets and capabilities) and Benchmarking.ASSIGNMENTDemonstrate your understanding of by applying a current example fromsomething in the news that relates to the importance of having a clearunderstanding of:The competitive nature of running an organizationThe role of competitive analysisPlease include bibliographic citation and referencesAlso provide a complete URL for the article.


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