The self-design intervention focuses on all features of the organization, and designs them to support the strategy” (MGT

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The self-design intervention focuses on all features of the organization, and designs them to support the strategy” (MGT 517-Unit 6 Learning Lecture)

Pp 580-582  of the required reading cummings said plainly outlines each stage

“Clarifying the strategy. This initial stage involves making the organization’s strategy clear.”  It is in this stage that the organization must be absolutely certain about the direction that they are going in. They must have encountered risk assessments, conflict resolution and disaster preparedness in the case of a major issue

“Laying the foundation. This stage provides the design team with the basic knowledge and information needed to get large-scale change started.”  This is where the mission and vision statements are of utmost importance, the ethics and value of the firm/organization will play a vital part in the change. If the firm thinks different, it will move differently. Past ideas that have become antiquated will be done away with, and a new foundation of vibrant, and life giving exchanges will become evident.

“Creating design criteria. In this stage, the design team develops the principles and standards that will guide the new organization design.”Designing. In this fourth stage of self-design, the design team generates alternative organization designs and innovations to reflect the strategy, values, and design criteria.  From my experience, I have found that these two principles work together. Because the creative design criteria and Designing goes hand in hand. It is no coincidence that this is the placement on the stage chart for these two items, because it reflects the fact that when internal affairs are in good working order, it gives you a sense of pride to “rebrand” yourself, and make yourself presentable to the public. Gives you a sense a pride in the new you.

“Implementing and assessing. This last stage involves making the new design happen by putting into place the new structures, practices, and systems.”

Once you have gom,e through the work to self-design you will go forward in a powerful and positive manner to make things happens to support your mission, and vision. Most of all you will be bent on achieving success and will not allow anything to stop you.

From personal experience I have found that there are two levels of change when a firm applies change principles when it self-designs. It virtually gives the organization a new identity, and further than that, you will be able to see over time the perpetual changes and updates on a yearly basis. When the entire organization has plays a part it pushes the vision and gives it credence as it relates to the community and surrounding firms.


Cummings. 2013. Organization Development and Change. Cengage Learning.

MGT 517-Unit 6 Learning Lecture


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