This business plan presents a CRM that eases the mode of interaction

hi can you help me make up some numbers. In Section IX I details regarding the startup expense elements. And, in the Section X BE Analysis I don’t see the sales revenue number in the analysis.Table of ContentsTable of Contents. 11.0 Executive Summary.. 42.1 General company description.. 43.0 Product services. 54.0 SWOT Analysis. 8Strengths. 8Weaknesses. 9Threats. 105.0 Marketing plan.. 105.1 Industry Environmental Scan. 105.2.1 iSqFT. 115.2.2 PlanGrid. 125.2.3 BuilderTREND.. 125.2.4 Xactimate. 135.3 BARRIERS OF ENTRY TO THE MARKET. 14Market research and development 14Advertising and marketing. 14Economies of scale offered by existing companies. 155.4 IDENTIFYING THE TARGET MARKET. 155.5 CURRENT TRENDS IN THE INDUSTRY. 16Moving to cloud storage. 16Introducing mobile construction software. 16Next Generation of Document Management and Open Access. 17Merger of Construction Operations and Business Software. 176.0 Operating Plans. 186.1 Operations Strategy. 186.2 Professional management in the Entrepreneurial Firm. 196.3.1 Major Benefits. 196.4 Risk Analysis. 206.5 Process value analysis (Outsourcing) 216.6 Key assumptions and options analysis. 216.7 On-going Operations. 226.8 Personnel. 23Recruitment selection. 236.9 Training and development. 236.10 Promotions. 246.11 legal environment 257.0 Management and Organization.. 257.1 Leadership Style. 257.2 Organization Chart. 267.3 IT Governance Plan. 278.0 Personal Financial Statement.. 27Revenues and Costs. 27Risk Analysis. 28Sensitivity Analysis. 289.0 Startup expenses. 287.2 ROI (Return on Investment) 317.3 Profit and Loss Statement. 3111.0 Conclusion.. 34Appendices. 381.0 Executive SummaryThis business plan presents a CRM that eases the mode of interaction between an American construction software company and its customers. The American company has a collaborative deal with a Chinese company, and the main trigger of the investment is the desire to share information in an organized and structured a way for it to thrive in the market. The CRM aims at cementing the relationship of the company with its local customers before going global. The CRM offers a unified approach to dealing with the customers, it reduces the operational costs, increases efficiency, reduces the company’s risk of extinction, and increases customer satisfaction and retention. The CRM to be implemented contains a suggestion box, online system of payment and online support framework and module. Furthermore, the CRM will be easy to use, safe, convenient, secure and cheap. The first part of the business plan provides the analysis of the company and the second part offers market and competitor analysis. The third part offers the operational plans for marketing, manufacturing and departmental plans whereas the fourth part offers the financial analysis. The last part offers a conclusion that is the summary of the business plan.Section II: Executive SummaryThe purpose of the Business plan is to present a customer relationship management (CRM) system that eases the mode of interaction between an American construction software company and its customers which will include China. The business plan illustrates its operation offers through the sections of marketing analysis, competitors, service plans, manufacturing plans and financial plans providing a brief summary of each section.The goal of American Construction Software Company is to offer IT solution to the companies that operate in the construction industry in China and USA through integrated CRM that ensures the company system work in the company is stable. The strategy focus is to make sure that the small American software construction that the developed CRM will enhance the business success through; revenues, reduced operation cost, customer satisfaction levels, and customer retention rates.The business platforms provide leading platforms crucial in streamlining communication between the organization and the customers thus it improves the company’s operational workflows and manages the issues that impact on the schedules and costs of the construction projects. Every company is towards bringing out the best to its customer and maximum profits thus the software company ensures increased revenues serves as the first pillar which will imply that the firm will reduce the operational costs and improve their efficiency. The other main components include risk analysis, sensitivity analysis, costs and IT governance which increase agility and accuracy in the construction projects.The company is providing IT solutions through developing reliable and efficient CRM system for it to deliver the set mandates. The development software will ensure that all the critical construction processes are put under one system, and this encompasses plant management, accounting, document control, project costing and project forecasting. The company’s plans are to ensure that the CRM is integrated totally into the company’s systems and functional.2.1 General company descriptionThis paper provides a business plan for a small American construction software company that is based in the USA. The construction software company has merged with Chinese collaborators in a bid to serve a wide customer base. The company has been helping the local customers to carry out their activities through the technological platform. In other words, the company offers software solutions to the IT problems of their companies. The company’s objective has been to help the clients with IT solutions with the problems. The company aims at establishing an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to help it in cementing its space in the local business before expanding in China. The objective of the merger is to make many profits and to expand into the Chinese market.The company’s CRM system offers a platform that helps in the management of construction activities. The platforms are crucial in streamlining communication between the organization and the customers thus it improves the company’s operational workflows and manages the issues that impact on the schedules and costs of the construction projects. The company has optimized its mobile app to give easy and quick access fit the facilities engineers, superintendents, and supervisors in the field. Furthermore, the company’s web application offers a convenient access to computer browsers to the project managers.Strategies, Metrics, Mission, and VisionThe company’s vision is to ensure that the CRM is integrated totally into the company’s systems and to ensure that work in the company is stable. The mission of the merger is to strengthen the relationship between China and USA through the CRM system. Furthermore, the company aims at achieving its goal by making sure that the CRM system’s work is functional. The company’s strategy focuses on incorporating a CRM in the current IT system. The metrics used to measure the company’s success include revenues, operational costs, market share, customer satisfaction levels, and customer retention rates.3.0 Product servicesThe first driver that inspires the investment in the construction software is the capacity to put together external spreadsheets, silos of information and multiple manual systems that are created in organizations as the projects become complex. For the construction companies to sustain their profitability, they ought to have a timely and accurate understanding of the progress of their current projects. The construction software will ensure that all the critical construction processes are put under one system, and this encompasses plant management, accounting, document control, project costing and project forecasting.The CRM will ensure that the critical data is integrated into a single place, and this will offer a single version of information that can offer reliable information that is offered to customers. The CRM offers information that is accurate and timely to the customers, and this improves the manner in which the customers make their decisions. Another driver behind the investment is that it enhances the reporting and forecasting capacity of the organization. The CRM system reduces the problems associated with data integrity and the reliance on the ad-hoc decision making. Furthermore, the system will lower the ‘work-around” processes thus, it will free up the valuable resources of an organization (Nguyen & Mutum, 2012).The company has greatly influenced by the desire to offer IT solutions to the companies that operate in the construction industry. The company must develop a reliable and effective CRM system for it to deliver its mandate. The CRM requires the merged businesses to come up with a good structure of internal communication that will enhance its relations and communications with the clients.Since the company has landed on a collaborative deal with a Chinese corporation, it will be very important for it to improve its communication system by introducing the CRM (Kirchmer, 2012). Arguably, the merger between the two companies requires the two organizations to share information in an organized and structured way. The joint sharing of information will ensure that the two companies grow together. Besides, the CRM will help the company to establish a reliable CRM that will improve its local operations before launching them in China. Essentially, the two companies will streamline their platform of communication in a bid to serve all the customers in a diligent way. Furthermore, the CRM will ensure that both the domestic and Chinese customers are served fashionably (Verhoef & Lemon, 2013).The Hilti Business model is a depiction of how the construction software company runs its affairs. The company maintains its freedom and independence to decide its future by providing sustainable services and values. The company’s core purpose is to offer guidance on the process of making decisions at the organization. The team members at the organization play a crucial role in the attainment of the company’s objectives, and the company’s strategy offers a framework for achieving competitive and sustainable advantages. By the company’s in-depth knowledge about the requirements of the customers, it identifies their needs and offers value-adding and differentiated solutions to them. The software, products, and services are offered to the company’s services through seamless processes (Rettig, 2013).The company measures its processes by assessing its impact on the environment, customers, the society, team members, suppliers, and partners. The company analyzes the factors that lead to deviations from the anticipated results using structured feedback loops. The company addresses the issues with the require discipline, attention and urgency in a bid to get back to the right path towards sustainable success. Figure 1 below provides the company’s business model.Figure 1: Business ModelSource: (, 2015)Product DeliveryThe software will be delivered through the company’s website. It will be downloaded by clients through Android, IMac, Ipad, PC and Windows devices. The main elements of the CRM will include an online support framework and module, a suggestion box and an online payment system.4.0 SWOT AnalysisStrengthArray of expertise and diversified projectFewer type spent on search for informationHighly reduced riskOpportunitiesEase to leverage current operations by introducing new divisionsWeaknessesSlowdown due to focus on China and USAInadequate marketing skillsThreatsConstant change in customer preferenceHard economic timesStrengthsFirst and foremost, the company has strong skills in project management, and its array of expertise and projects is diversified. Secondly, the hours spent top get project information when using the company’s software are few. Notably, the company’s CRM resolves and prevents project bottlenecks thus it hastens the process of completing a project. Furthermore, the CRM reduces risks and guarantees high quality by aiding in the installation of up to date information during coordinated meetings. The CRM increases the competitiveness of the company in the construction industry. Moreover, it reduces the costs that are incurred in the building life cycles by using an intuitive and simple management solution (Trainor, Andzulis, Rapp & Agnihotri, 2014).WeaknessesThe company may be vulnerable to a slowdown because it only focuses on USA and China markets only. In addition, the company lacks the major marketing skills, and this may put it at a comparative disadvantage (Ernst, Hoyer, Krafft, & Krieger, 2011).OpportunitiesThe company has viable opportunities to leverage its existing operations by introducing new divisions. Accordingly, it will be in a position to handle more work and to serve additional clients (Wang & Feng, 2012).ThreatsThe company may face uncontrollable threats that may be fueled by hard economic times such as industry slowdowns. There are other external threats that may increase the company’s internal weaknesses. To illustrate, there are customers that may treat the construction software like something they can buy from internet sites by taking advantage of technology. Subsequently, the profit margins of the company will reduce. Notably, the changing customer preferences may threaten the growth of the company (Akrous, Dahiyat, Gharaibeh & Abu-Lail, 2011).5.0 Marketing plan5.1 Industry Environmental ScanThe construction industry is facing threats and high-end competition from all around. As such, most businesses are looking for infrastructures to advance their tasks and to improve their strengths. The players in the real estate sector have tried to embrace the construction management software in a bid to be agile and accuracy in their construction projects. Furthermore, the construction software has helped the players in the industry to stay ahead and to respond to the dynamic market appropriately (Robinson, Neeley & Williamson, 2011).The construction software has seamlessly streamlined the construction companies thus the companies have improved the manner in which they respond to the dynamic industry. The number of businesses that uses the construction software to automate their operations keeps increasing on a daily basis. The construction software solutions enable the construction managers to automate the construction operations by collaborating on one platform and placing comprehensive management in their reach (Quinn & Strategy, 2013).The construction software identifies issues and uses analytics to eliminate bottlenecks that are hard to deal with. The software solutions help managers to apply methods that can promote swiftness in their operations. The software offers inbuilt processes that are flexible thus the speed up the critical aspects of construction such as material management; document packages change orders and variations. Through the application of the construction software, the managers view the real-time status reports and automated processes. The advanced construction software offers secure and central platforms that help in the management of the bidding process. The construction software is engineered with industry experience and industry input thus they are intuitive and smart to use (Garrido-Moreno & Padilla-Meléndez, 2011).The latest construction software automates the generation of maintenance manuals and operations manuals to be used in the construction projects. The software hastens the construction processes and eliminates the incompleteness and hassles of the manual systems. The software solutions play a role in the setting yup, operation, and management of the interface relationships without any problem (Wu & Lu, 2012).5.2 Major Competitor Status in the Industry5.2.1 iSqFTThe iSqFt enables contractors of various sizes to bid in an effective way by streamlining the process of preconstruction. The iSqFt address the challenges that are faced by construction managers, general contractors, and design-build firms because it is customizable and it brings all the facets the contractors’ bid process in one location. Since iSqFt is web-based, it allows contractor and bidders to share information and it enables them to track all the project information until it is completed. Furthermore, iSqFT formats the documents that are uploaded at no extra costs. The iSqFt is advantageous because it enables to access information on prequalification management in an easy way (Öztaysi, Sezgin & Fahri, 2011).5.2.2 PlanGridPlanGrid offers web-based project management software that is utilized in home building, real estate development, and engineering. Its prominent features include facility management, photo management, redline tools and document control. PlanGrid enables the users to collaborate on all projects because all the updates in the buildings, construction plans, and drawings are reflected in the master plan. The photos of the projected are tagged and synced automatically in the system. The PlanGrid system can be accessed from compatible devices such as Androids, PC, and iPads among others because it is web-based. The cloud is used to back up data, and the data can be downloaded and exported from there (Pai, & Tu, 2011).5.2.3 BuilderTRENDBuilderTREND is construction software that is used by home remodelers and builders. It combines service management, project scheduling, customer management and project management in one suite. The system can be viewed via a mobile device or computer, and it offers pre-sale tools such as proposals, quick bids, and built-in CRM systems. The project management tools provided by the system include time sheets, scheduling, and budgeting. The customer management tools encompass payment processing, selection management, change order and warranty processing. It is imperative to note that the system integrates other important solutions such as Xero and QuickBooks. The system offers unlimited support and training through the Builder TREND University, BuilderTREND Learning Community and the 24/7 help section (Bourne, 2012).5.2.4 XactimateXactimate refers to a Web-based solution that can be applied on more than one platform and it is helpful to the insurance adjustors and contractors. Xactimate enables the users to send and receive assignments for valuations and estimates to the staff, adjustors, and contractors. It has 3D tools that enable the user to zoom in, zoom out, rotate and change colors on the structure. Further, it integrates with Xactiware solutions that improve claim performance and maximize efficiency. Xactimate can be used on Android and Apple devices. The online and mobile platforms of the solution are integrated fully to allow the transfer of data. Accordingly, the users capture the critical estimates online through the Xactimate mobile. There are software updates that update the Xactimate online and mobile platforms automatically. There is a Xactware eService Center for every subscription that provides 24/7 chat support (Weske, 2012).BARRIERS OF ENTRY TO THE MARKETMarket research and development Heavy investment into research and development from other established firms can deter the firm from entering into a market. Research and development also goes into developing new products which might lead to firms acquiring patents, where the firm has legal protection over a design or a product for twenty years. Patents are very good at creating monopolies as they restrict entry into certain markets which might be a case in the new market.Advertising and marketingThe already existing companies have already been able to fully establish themselves. This challenge to my firm while getting in to the market as it might be hard to establish itself in the market. The established firms might be the most powerful firm in the market, the firm can set the prices rather than take them, therefore can set them really low to compete other firms out of the industry.This therefore means again that it is more likely for the market structure to move to the monopoly end of the scale if a firm invests heavily into advertising and marketing as they will probably receive a larger customer base from this. This might make it hard to enter the industry if the market is so saturated by advertising from another firm, as advertising is a sunk cost therefore whatever is spent is unable to be recuperated afterwards if the firm decides to leave the industry, therefore a firm may decide to not enter in the first place therefore keeping the market a monopoly or oligopoly.Economies of scale offered by existing companiesEstablished markets enjoy economies of scale. This will make the existing firms more competitive and gives them a potential structural advantage over CRM. Firms may also experience cost advantages due to economies of scale since a firm is able to reduce its short run average costs several times so that in the long run the firm experiences economies of scale. Economies of scale come in all forms such as specialization, where only one person can do a job better than another three people, thereby reducing costs in the form of wages, or by technology, where a firm will replace workers with machines, which cost a lot less to run. Therefore the firm is able to lower its costs creating an advantage over other firms in the market, which the other firms may not be able to match and therefore be competed out of the market. This might be the case with CRM.Therefore as expected this barrier to entry also moves to market structure more to the monopoly end of the scale.Identifying the target MarketIdentifying the target audience is an important success factor for our company. Market segmentation can be used in many ways to construct the framework to influence their targeting activities. Understanding the market and the factors that influence consumer buyer behaviour can ensure the soon products will be on the buyers list. Our knowledge of this process will help us develop and distribute the products, as well as creating successful promotional activities to make sure consumers’ get the right contact at the right time. We will carry out a market research in order to effectively serve our main customers who are companies, institutions and individuals within any construction needs.Once a company develops a new product line or service, they have to market their product in ways it will connect with and reach consumers. To be profitable, consumers have to be aware of new products and purchase the items; this is how companies increase revenue. Being able to effectively manage the four Ps of the marketing mix are crucial to the success of the new product or service being marketed. The four Ps consist of product or service, place, price, and promotion (Lamb, 2013). By using the four Ps marketing mix, it assist in how your company decides to market a new product or service; and tests current marketing strategy. This concept works both domestic and internal markets; for international markets, various cultures will have to be researched and adjustments made to integrate the products or services successfully into the market (Lamb, 2013).We will utilize this information in order to ensure the success and reach out to all our customers within the construction industry.CURRENT TRENDS IN THE INDUSTRYMoving to cloud storageOne of the greatest trends is the move to the cloud, yet that is truly simply the start of this technology advancement in the industry. Distributed computing is really serving as an catalyst for the various critical changes in the development programming industryIntroducing mobile construction softwareMajority of people around the globe own a smart phone and more individuals are embracing tablets, especially for construction field operations. With electronic programming, these cell phones are fit for running complete forms of an organization’s endeavour programming, bringing about constant data streaming openly from the field to the workplace and a genuine collaborative environment.Next Generation of Document Management and Open AccessFor construction companies to work proficiently, they require reports to stream easily. Report imaging and administration has been around for some time. In any case, these techniques for administration are predominantly assignment arranged, for example, directing receipts or time cards for endorsement. Today the industry requires more process-arranged record administration. Search for frameworks that accomplish more than give bland information and record stockpiling – search for frameworks that apply knowledge, robotization, and communitarian devices with the goal that venture reports are less demanding to utilize, simpler to get to, and more important to everybody on an undertaking group.Merger of Construction Operations and Business SoftwareContractors understand that the regularly separate operations and business administration sides of their organizations work better when they cooperate. All things considered, without operations there wouldn’t be a business to oversee. Contractual workers and programming sellers alike continue searching for better approaches to interface the two. The arrangement developing in the business sector is programming that is based on the development venture which, all things considered, is the substance of a contractual worker’s business. Search for programming that makes a superior showing with regards to giving applications taking into account the work process of an undertaking from support to grave, and that gives electronic any place at whatever time into employment progress, benefit, change administration, and more for everybody who included in the achievement of an occupation.6.0 Operating PlansSince it is a small company is it vulnerable to weakness like poor management. The staff will be small and bank money would limit. According to the book we should take the 4 steps. From step 1 should be one-person operation. Step 2 the entrepreneur becomes a player-coach. Step 3. A supervisor is added. Step 4 “the formalization of management entails adoption of written policies, preparation of plans and budgets, standardization of personal practices, computerization of records, and preparation of organizational charts and job descriptions, scheduling of training conferences, and institution of control procedures. (Longenecker, 481).6.1 Operations StrategyThe business will be able to achieve its marketing strategy through a combination of various combinations of efforts so as to ensure that it is able to deliver value to the customers. The customers will get personalized services depending on their construction needs. Our services will be offered through friendly costs that the customers will be able to afford as well as receive quality services.Since our mission and guiding values are led by providing quality products and services at customer friendly prices, we will ensure that the customers will be served with the best.We will as well provide our services working with the customers timelines and we will be flexible to ensure that we are able to deliver as the customer desires. Our customer service will be world class ensuring that we give the best services. Providing quality affordable service will be our main goal.6.2 Professional management in the Entrepreneurial Firm.There is potential of growth so it will a long-range plan with controlling operations such as preventive control that makes sure everything inspected. Concurrent control to make sure work is in process and Corrective control inspection has been completed. There should also be a chain of command in the future. An line organization in which employees report to a state safety supervisor.6.3.1 Major BenefitsThe company’s main desires are to reduce the operational costs and to improve operational efficiency. Understandably, the symmetric collaboration and merger will require the elimination of overlapping responsibilities and redundancy. Practically, it will be logical to reduce the number of employees’ whose job does not increase the overall profits and revenues. Accordingly, it will be the organization’s internal decisions to streamline the productivity and efficiency of the individual employees in a bid to improve the overall outputs and efficiency of the company (Rababah, Mohd & Ibrahim, 2011).The merger of the two companies will enable the companies to increase the overall market share, and this will impact positively on the company’s profits and revenues. The company will strive to reach out to a big market share in China and USA. The increased market share will lead to an increase the revenues and profits of the two companies that will be shared with among accordingly. Essentially, the pursuit of profits triggered the intended collaboration between two companies. The companies will increase their total revenues by merging their customer pull/ reach, talents, and energies (Kim, Eun, Dubinsky & Chaiy, 2012).Since the company is small in size, it faces the risk of prospective extinction because the USA is the hub of inventions, innovations, and talent and software development. It will be hard for the merged companies to make big moves in the industry. The idea of merging a like-minded company will reduce the chances of the company going into extinction. Since customers are the ones who trigger businesses, the company will explore various ways of satisfying and retaining them specifically through the CRM. Essentially, it will be in the best interest of both firms to merge because they will create synergy in their activities. The companies will merge their motivational aspects, and this will help in training large numbers of customers. In addition to that, the companies will complement each other, and this will help in minimizing their weaknesses (Coltman, Devinney & Midgley, 2011).6.4 Risk AnalysisThe first risk that may face the merged company is dishonesty, and it may arise when the two participants in the merger do not share information in an open way but rather they choose to pursue their interests. The second risk that may face the organization is poor communication among the two merging companies. Poor communication may prevent the attainment of the company’s goals and objectives. Furthermore, poor communication may limit the collaboration among the individual businesses. Markedly it will be difficult to develop one collaborative culture because it will be operating in the Chinese and the American cultures. In other words, the diverse cultures and cultural dispositions will put the merge in a difficult position because the employees and clients will be from different cultures (Drury, Conboy & Power, 2012).6.5 Process value analysis (Outsourcing)The company will outsource cloud computing services, the tracking of lien waivers, overrun and on-time analysis of performance, the preparation of financial reports, the establishment of operation metrics, the tracking of insurance certification and job cost analysis and tracking.6.6 Key assumptions and options analysisThere are two major options that can be used to implement the CRM software are the first one entails the overhaul of the company’s IT system. The second option entails the introduction a phase-out strategy that will integrate the new software systematically from the current system. The phase out strategy is recommended in this case because the overhaul strategy may impact adversely on the stakeholders who may not be aware of how it operates. Accordingly, the phase-out strategy will foster a smooth transition that will create a proper platform for competent personnel to handle the implementation of the CRM. Consequently, the overall performance of the organization will be enhanced.The first key assumption during the implementation of the CRM is that the implementation will take place at the earliest possible stage. In other words, the small construction software firm will not ignore the prospective benefits of the CRM software. The second assumption is that the CRM will be elaborate by providing suggestion boxes, online payments system, and online support system. The suggestion box will enable the company to rate the CRM services, and to give their complaints concerning the services. Another key assumption is that the IT changes will be introduced and integrated into a consistent, paced and slow manner. As such, the focus will be on improving the current IT state at the company. It will not be easy for the company to launch abrupt changes and anticipate immediate returns. The company will launch the online booking and payment systems alongside the existing manual systems. Subsequently, the new system will phase out the existing manual systems with time The CRM will be launched as


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