This problem is in relation to statistical analysis using one or more of the statistical analysis in association or cluster analysis

This problem is in relation to statistical analysis using one or more of the statistical analysis in association or cluster analysis. These various approaches are designed to produce business intelligence to resolve problems and enable management to make informed business decisions. You will be conducting these analyses based on your evaluation and preparation of the data from the AdventureWorks database. The data and log files for MS SQL 2012 are attached. The data from the database needs to be exported into an excel file, and then imported into the IBM SPSS program. I'm having issues with completing this task, and it is the first step in completing the rest of this project. Your solution for this question should contain the following: Introduction: Introduce the organization, the business problem, which is identify any trends or patterns within the dates of hire, demographics, performance statistics, as well as any interesting or meaningful correlations between any of the data, etc. Data Preparation: Discuss the data and any quality and accuracy concerns that you discovered. Describe your approach to processing the data to improve the chances of discovering new knowledge from the existing data. Analysis Approach: Describe your chosen analysis approach. Include your assessment of how effective the method was in discovering new relevant knowledge within the data. Findings: Present and discuss your findings as the result of your analysis. Include any supporting data, graphics, tables, charts, etc., along with your analysis of the findings. Discuss any correlations, associations or patterns that you identified in the data. Application: Briefly discuss your findings as they pertain to the business problem. How might the organization use this new knowledge to make informed business decisions to resolve the business problem? Discussion: Discuss the limitations of your data mining process in discovering useful business intelligence. Additionally, discuss other research or analysis methods. What methods might another data mining expert consider using should the organization need further analysis on this data and business problem?


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