this project LOVE was the theme I chose to explore Now I need help for part

Part 2 500-800 Part 1 of this project, “LOVE” was the theme I chose to explore. Now I need help for part 2 and 3. Part 2 of the project, you should identify three expressions of the theme in three different humanities disciplines (visual art, music, dance, poetry, prose, theater, film, religion) that you will discuss in your final essay. For instance, if you choose the emotion of “love,” you could talk about love as it is expressed in Shakespeare's Sonnet 147 (literature), Botticelli’s Birth of Venus (visual art), and in the ballet Swan Lake (dance). Find good representations (a good-quality image, recording, video, etc.). Identify the source Explain briefly why you find each of these appealing to include in this assignment. Part 3 of this project should be a word essay of 800-1200 words. explain the theme you chose and why it’s worth exploring For each of the three expressions of this theme, provide a link and description embed images if possible Comment on each of the representations, using concepts from the course assess the effectiveness or impact of the three representations, in your own view (How well did the representation present the concept? How effective was it? What impact did this representation have?) be sure to cite any references you consult


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