TOGAF and enterprise architecture

After reviewing the material provided on TOGAF and enterprise architecture, consider if you have everything necessary for the proposed project. For example, does the current architecture of the IT infrastructure within the company allow for ease of integration? Do you have the appropriate personnel to work on the project? Does a budget exist for the project? Can security standards be met? Can users be trained properly? What other IT systems need to be included as part of your proposal?

Review your proposal that you created in Unit 3 (Attached) . Using TOGAF, address how can you strengthen the project proposal to ensure that both the business and technology stakeholder needs are met?

Prepare a 3–5 page paper in which you do the following:

Identify the components of the TOGAF that are going to be included in your proposal.Explain your rationale for including these other components from the TOGAF. Analyze the impact TOGAF components have on the effectiveness of business processes.Describe potential challenges from you expect these additional components to add to your proposal. Plan strategies for overcoming these challenges.Evaluate how the TOGAF model helps align business goals with an IT solution.Add another slide to your PowerPoint presentation that succinctly identifies the components TOGAF you are including and your proposal for integrating these IT and business components to the proposal.
Download Attachment: 
Business problem and IT solution.pptx


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