Upon examination of the greatest threats to a computerized accounting system

Accounting Systems and AccrualsAccounting Systems and Accruals” Please respond to the following:For this week’s eActivity, research the most common threats to a computerized accounting system using the Internet and/or Strayer databases. Be prepared to discuss.Upon examination of the greatest threats to a computerized accounting system, suggest two (2) preventive measures or remedies that protect the system and/or mitigate any negative impacts to the system. Provide a rationale for your response.Pretend that you are a criminal and want to commit fraud by altering your company’s accruals. Create a brief plan (approximately one [1] paragraph in length) of how you would commit the fraud. Predict the major potential resulting damage(s) to the company’s financial statements from the fraud.Make sure each one of these are met.Student’s post indicates thought and analysis, but may lack depth or detailStudent thoroughly addresses all elements of the discussion prompt, and demonstrates an distinguished knowledge of the topic. Student relates content in initial post to course content, or to real-life situations, though the connection may lack depth..Student responds with thorough and constructive analysis to the required number of peers, relating the response to relevant course concepts. Student may pose pertinent follow-up thoughts or questions about the topic, and demonstrates respect for the diverse opinions of fellow learners.Student effectively communicates a central idea or point that is weaved throughout the entirety of the post, in a coherent and logical manner. Post is easy to understand.Initial post contains very few, if any, minor errors related to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Post is easy to read and understand. Student properly cites resources (if applicable), per instructor expectations


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