When designing a research study, the author(s) can choose from two broad fields: a quantitative desi

When designing a research study, the author(s) can choose from two broad fields: a quantitative design or a qualitative design. If the author(s) choose to incorporate both fields in a single study, we refer to this as a mixed model.This assignment has two distinct parts.Part 1: Doing an Internet search, find and provide a detailed definition for each of the two broad design fields (quantitative and qualitative). Describe the basic differences between each. Utilize a minimum of two outside references. Do not forget to cite your references. As a reminder: Wikipedia is NOT an accepted source.Part 2: For your final Research Project you will be doing a critique (detailed explanation and evaluation) of a pre-selected research study. From the list below choose one of the studies to use for that purpose. (Be certain to make a hard copy of your study choice).The easiest way to quickly locate one of the studies is to click on the Library icon (left side tool bar when you are in your class), then click on ProQuest, and then type in the study title.Post on Blackboard your chosen study and its type (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed model). Explain why you believe that study fits either the quantitative, qualitative or mixed model modality. Refer to your given definitions to help you with your explanation.DeSantis, A.D., Webb, E.M., & Noar, S.M. (2008). Illicit use of prescription ADHD medications on a college campus: a multimethodological approach. Journal of American College Health, 57, 3, 315 – 323.Findling, R.L., Aman, M.G., Eerdekens, M., Derivan, A., & Lyons, B. (2004). Long-term, open-label study of risperidone in children with severe disruptive behaviors and below-average IQ. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 161, 4, 677 – 684.Jee, S.H., Conn, K.M., Nilsen, W.J., Szilagyi, M.A., & et al. (2008). Learning difficulties among children separated from a parent. Ambulatory Pediatrics, 8, 3, 163 – 168.Kerry, K. (2000). Fathers’ qualitative and quantitative involvement: an investigation of attachment, play, and social interactions. Journal of Men’s Studies, 9, 1, 41.Messerlian, C., & Derevensky, J. (2007). Evaluating the role of social marketing campaigns to prevent youth gambling problems: a qualitative study. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 98, 2, 101 – 104.Varjas, K., Graybill, E., Mahan, W., Meyers, J., & et. al. (2007). Urban service providers’ perspectives on school responses to gay, lesbian, and questioning students: an exploratory study. Professional School Counseling, 11, 2, 113 – 119.


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