Write 600 Words About Any Biological Term

The review paper should be on a  b iolog y – related article or news  report  that you read from an  official  media   (such as  a  professional  journal, a  scientific  magazine, a newspaper, or a trustable official  website ) of the week before the missed class.



In the review paper you should:


1)  provide   th e  full citation  [ See the bottom of this instruction for citation style ]


of the article if  it is published in a journal or magazine; or if it is a news report published in a newspaper or  on  a  website, not only provide its full citation but also find out the   original source (a scientific article? an  interview on a biologist? etc.) based on which the news report was written,


2)   summarize the  main topic/ story that is covered in the  article/ news report,  and


3 ) use what you have learnt from this class to commen t on the  article/ news report.


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