Write a 1,600 word summary and evaluation of article that I have chosen on “Microeconomics”. A “revi

Write a 1,600 word summary and evaluation of article that I have chosen on “Microeconomics”. A “review essay” is a summary in your own words of the article I have chosen to review, together with an appraisal of it. This review essay should be about 60% summary and 40% appraisal. Summary means you summarize the main points and explain the chosen article in your own words. Figures, tables, or equations in the article may not be included in your essay. Appraisal means you express your thoughts about the article. For example, whether the article is full of insightful remarks, whether the article gives adequate consideration/analysis of the main issues, or if the article covers too much or too little ground, any additional aspects should be included in the article. Your bibliography can be minimal.

The learning outcome is to:

Understand and apply microeconomic models to various economic problems and issues.

•Identify, define and analyse problems and recommend creative solutions within real-world constraints.

•Demonstrate a capacity to work independently including the ability to plan and achieve goals.

•Critically evaluate underlying theories, concepts, assumptions and limitations.

•Be intellectually ready to participate in public policy discussions arising in business and government environments.


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