Write a suitable statement to report your findings…. 1 answer below »

Assessment 1 – Assignment C Student Name (Number): Please ensure you rename your files (AEM201 SCI2SED Assignment A your name_your student number) before submitting and submit both your Excel spreadsheet and this Word doc with your answers (part of the marks assigned to some of these questions is for showing correct use of Microsoft Excel). There are five questions, worth a total of 20 marks.
Part A: Answer the following questions. Researchers wish to examine the effect of a new pruning technique on Merlot grape yield. Write a suitable H1 and H0. (2 marks)
Having written suitable hypotheses, now calculate the number of vines that would be needed to perform the study, examining difference in yield with60% confidence and margin of error = 450 g/vine. (1 mark)
Researchers completed the study and found mean yield = 6.3 kg/vine. Use the z-procedure to estimate, with 95% confidence, the true mean weight (kg/vine) that could be obtained from all Merlot vines if the new pruning technique was undertaken across the entire vineyard. (1 mark)
Write a suitable statement to report your findings. (1 mark)


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