Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on explaining delinquency and drug use.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on explaining delinquency and drug use. An analysis of the risk factors predicting criminal behaviors also predicts substance abuse. The comparison is quite illuminating. Second, criminal behaviors are often dependent on the particular type of substance abuse.

Substance abuse is an umbrella designation station, through its Expert Committee on Mental Health, in 1966, discovered a common set of risk factors contributing to alcoholism and drug dependency. As a result of these findings, they presented and suggested a “combined approach” to the definition of substance abuse,

Problems of dependence on other drugs should be considered together, because of similarities of causation, interchangeability of agent in respect to maintenance of dependence and hence similarities in measures required for prevention and treatment ( ).

Thereafter, they proposed that national public health authorities should analyze and treat all of the various types of dependency as related problems and under the administration of the same organizational structure. Glatt (1974) states that as

drug users “commonly misuse several types of the drug at the same time it is necessary, in terms of clinical diagnosis and treatment, to identify multiple drug addiction, ensuring the implementation effective rehabilitation programmes.” The significance, for purposes of better understanding of criminal behaviors, is that specific causal relationships can be studied.

The issue of addiction is of particular importance to the analysis of criminal behaviors. This is because there is strong evidence for the proposition that addicts engage more often in criminal behaviors than non-addicts. The recreational user is less prone to commit criminal acts. That said, it is important to understand that research into the relationships that exist between substance abuse and criminal behaviors should not be limited to hard drugs.

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